SimuroSot consists of a server which has the soccer game environments (playground, robots, score board, etc.) and two client programs with the game strategies. A 3D color graphic screen displays the match. Teams can make their own strategies and compete with each other without hardware. The 3D simulation platform for 5 vs. 5 and 11 vs. 11 games are available at FIRA web site.

FIRA Middle League SimuroSot Game Guides
To begin with
1. Set up the initial strategies for each team.
2. Have a test play before the main game starts.
3. Select "Place kick", a Game State, and choose "Blue ball" or "Yellow Ball"
4. Allow each team to position their players.
5. Start the game
Play Rules
Game Duration
• Two equal periods of 5 minutes each, with a half time interval for max 10 minutes.
The tiebreaker
• Extra 3 minutes game and then sudden death
Game Commencement
• Toss of a coin to choose either their robot's color or the ball
Strategy Substitutions
• Each team will be entitled for two time-outs to substitute strategies.
A Free ball
- When stalemate occurs for more than 10 seconds
A Place kick
- The game starts with a place kick and is restarted with a place kick after a goal is scored.
A Free kick
- When a robot intentionally pushes an opponents’ robot the opponent receives a free kick.
- It is permitted to push the ball and an opponent player backwards, in contact with the ball.
A Goal kick
- A goalkeeper charge is called if a robot pushes the goalkeeper into the goal with the ball and a goal kick is awarded.
- A goal kick is awarded if the offensive team is attacking with more than one robot in the goal area.
A Penalty Kick
- A penalty kick is awarded for defending with more than one robot in the goal area or defending with more than three robots
   in the penalty area.
When a Goal is Scored
• When a goal is scored the game will automatically show a short replay.
• If the goal is allowable the referee should press "Exit Replay" to return to the game.
• If the goal is not allowable the referee should press "No Goal" to return to the game. This will automatically remove it from the score.
• To review the goal the referee may use "<</>" to review the last few seconds of play or "<<>" to review play from the last stoppage.
   Stop frame can be selected so play can be reviewed frame by frame, forward and backward, using the "<" and ">" cursor keys.
• If the referee exists the replay screen and then wishes to alter the score, it can be changed in the "Time/Score" menu.

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